Insurance Questions

How does Sure Clean work with insurance companes?
Professional and Transparent Restoration that Reduces Costs Without Sacrificing Quality!
Sure Clean is often suggested by top insurance companies in Ohio to their policy holders as a trusted company with a proven track record. We have a high customer satisfaction rating within the insurance industry and a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. If your insurance agent or adjuster recommends Sure Clean, you know they want the job done right.

How quickly will we get a response?
Immediate Dedicated Response
We understand that time is of the essence when dealing with water or fire damage. The longer it sits, the worse it gets. That’s why we are available 24/7 to help those in need of fire or water restoration services.

Why should we work with Sure Clean?
Technical Expertise
Sure Clean is a very technically focused company, which is why we specialize in mitigation rather than reconstruction. We will do everything possible to restore, rather than replace, property damaged by fire or water. This means that claim files can be closed faster with dramatically reduced expense.

Sure Clean operates at the highest levels of professionalism in all areas. More specifically, total Claim Accountability, providing clear, transparent documentation that details every aspect of and action taken on a restoration project. You'll be able to clearly understand the cause of and extent of the problem, as well as every step that was taken to perform the restoration.

At Sure Clean, we operate with complete transparency. You'll have access to all details of the loss at any time.

How does mitigation reduces expenses and closes claims faster?
Sure Clean specializes in mitigation rather than reconstruction. This means we do everything possible to restore, rather than replace, damaged structure and contents. We are experts at removing even the most difficult and persistent smoke odors, and intrusive water damage as well as providing the kind of restorative cleaning required to return property and contents to pre-loss condition.

Expert Smoke Odor Removal
Interior and Exterior Structural Cleaning
Structure and Contents Drying.
Specialty Restoration: Including textiles and garments, electronics and appliances, wood and upholstered furniture, fine art, Oriental & area rugs, books, documents, etc.
HVAC Duct Cleaning: Cleaning, deodorization and servicing of compromised HVAC systems

When your home needs help call Sure Clean: 614-771-HELP